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  • The Mustang Stampede is Coming April 15th!

    On Saturday, April 15th beginning at 9:00 AM, Achievement Charter Academy will host its annual Mustang Stampede, similar to a Spartan Race. It is a rigorous obstacle course with various physical and athletic tasks. The Mustang Stampede is open to ACA students, families, and the public! Registration is $20 per person, all proceeds go to the ACA P.E. Department. Join us at our playground at 25 Buttonwood Court, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526.

    Click Here to Register.
    2023 ACA Stampede Flyer (Facebook Post)

    Our Finance Committee Meetings have been scheduled for 2023. Click here for more information.

    Enrollment for the 2023 - 2024 School Year is Underway!

    2023 – 2024 will be an exciting time at Achievement Charter Academy!  With the addition of sixth grade in the new year and our continuing emphasis on outstanding academics and personal achievement, now is the perfect time for your student to become part of the ACA family.  We have completed our Open enrollment for the 2023-24 school year, but are still accepting waitlist applications. If you like what you see and hear about ACA, there’s still a good opportunity for your student to join us in the new school year.  Learn more about the special qualities that separate Achievement Charter Academy from other schools.  Please click here to apply for the 2023-24 school year at Achievement Charter Academy.  We look forward to seeing you!

    Achievement Charter Academy Mission

    Achievement Charter Academy’s mission is to foster individual achievement by teaching students to be self-directed learners and community contributors in a respectful, diverse, and inclusive learning environment.

    Here's What Sets ACA Apart From Other Schools . . .

    Our Innovative Educational Model

    ACA uses the Glasser Quality School (GQS) model as a guide to create a school culture that teaches and uses Choice Theory to support relationships based on trust and respect. The GQS model emphasizes Total Learning Competency and producing Quality Work to encourages self-directed learning and individual achievement. The model emphasizes the value of respect, diversity, inclusion, and community and promotes a school environment that is viewed by stakeholders as a joyful place.

    Our Curriculum

    The GQS model is an innovative learning approach that focuses on meeting the individual needs of students. The curriculum and method of delivery are fluid and flexible in order to maximize achievement of different learning styles and abilities in a diverse and inclusive environment.

    Choice Time

    ACA teachers incorporate student interests into the daily academic work. Choice Time activities, such as art, music, cooking, gardening, auto mechanics, and carpentry, are offered by teachers, parents, retired teachers, and community members.

    Multi-Age Classroom

    One significant difference between the educational model at ACA and traditional schools is the multi-age learning classrooms. Classrooms are composed of students who differ by one grade level, which creates a mix of ideas and abilities. Benefits include creating a strong student/teacher relationship, a personalized educational experience, peer mentoring/cooperative learning, and social emotional learning opportunities.

    Effective Learning & Individual Achievement At ACA

    Achievement Charter Academy is a special kind of charter public school that places a premium on trust, respect and innovative learning.  Learn more in this interview with ACA Principal Leaja Horne.