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  • About Achievement Charter Academy

    Achievement Charter Academy is a North Carolina Public Charter School, based in Fuquay-Varina and northern Harnett/southern Wake County. As with all public charters, there is no fee to attend and all students have equal opportunity to do so.

    Since opening our doors in 2020, ACA has served students in grades K-to-5, featuring an innovative learning philosophy based on the Glasser Quality School Model. With the enthusiastic endorsement of our parents and staff, Achievement Charter Academy will incorporate sixth grade into our school, beginning in the 2023-24 school year.

    Our focus is on Academic Excellence, Individualized Learning and Building Self-Confidence. Our small school environment ensures that all students are known, respected and valued for their unique qualities.

    At Achievement Charter Academy, we believe we’ve developed a better way to educate our children.

    For starters, your child will learn in a small, supportive community.

    Every student is well known and appreciated by their teachers, administrators and fellow classmates. No child is overlooked or able to fade into the background.

    This family connection extends to our relationships between school and parents. Unlike larger, traditional public schools, parents can count on prompt responses and knowledgeable guidance from their children’s teachers. We have additional support on-site to ensure that every child and family get the positive learning experience they deserve.

    In a deliberately designed small school environment, your child will get more individual time with educators who are dedicated to their success, strengths, interests and personality. Strong teacher-student relationships give students the support and confidence they need to grow and flourish in a challenging world.

    Your child will learn to make positive choices in a safe environment.

    We make a conscious effort to teach children to be kind and respect one another. Our safe, fun environment includes lessons about trust and the importance of treating others fairly. Our students grow to love learning and look forward to coming to school. They grow to appreciate how fun learning can be and how it can better their lives. The positive reinforcement they experience encourages them to value education for life.

    Your child will benefit from innovative teaching strategies that are not commonly found in most schools.

    Achievement Charter Academy utilizes multi-age classrooms, where students cover two grade levels. Extensive research supports this concept as a more effective way to build meaningful student-relationships and to enhance learning through peer mentoring and cooperative learning. Discover more about the benefits of multi-age classrooms.

    Achievement Charter Academy utilizes the Glasser Quality School Model, as mean of highlighting personal choice for students, as well as self-confidence and personal responsibility. Students gain the ability to understand and apply their specific strengths and interests in a collaborative learning environment that makes the education process enjoyable and effective. Discover more about the Glasser Quality School Model.

    For students and families in Fuquay-Varina, Holly Springs, Lillington, Angier, Willow Springs and throughout Harnett and southern Wake Counties, Achievement Charter Academy is a true school of choice that will make a transformative, permanent positive difference in the lives of children. Please join us!

    Learn More

    We’re eager to tell you more about Achievement Charter Academy and to explore the possibilities of your child becoming part of the ACA academic family.  To find out more about Achievement Charter Academy or to schedule an on-campus tour, please contact us via email at info@achievementcharteracademy.org, by calling 919-552-5446, or by filling out our online contact form.