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  • Our Staff

    Our staff’s mission is to foster individual achievement by teaching students to be self-directed learners and community contributors in a respectful, diverse, and inclusive learning environment.

    First Name Last Name Title Email
    Dustin Squibb EC Director dsquibb@chievementcharteracademy.org
    Christina Laughlin EC Coordinator claughlin@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Kim Ramirez EC Teacher kramirez@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Briana Talarico Guidance Counselor btalarico@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Robin Floyd Kindergarten Teacher rfloyd@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Courtney Lanier Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher clanier@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Emily Bradley Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher ebradley@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Geena Van Woudenberg 1st/2nd Grade Teacher gwilliams@achievementcharteracademy.org
    India Sawyer 2nd/3rd Grade Teacher isawyer@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Rebecca McKinnon 3rd/4th Grade Teacher rmckinnon@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Megan Davis 3rd/4th Grade Teacher mdavis@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Beverly Oesch 4th/5th Grade Teacher boesch@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Daniel Strain STEM Teacher dstrain@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Patrick Doty PE Teacher/Health & School Culture Coordinator pdoty@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Sharon Ray Art/Floating TA sray@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Jenn Ennis Teaching Assistant jennis@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Olga Ortiz-Rodriguez Teaching Assistant oortiz-rodriguez@achievementcharteracademy.org
    LeAnesha Cameron Teaching Assistant lcameron@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Danielle Dickens Teaching Assistant ddickens@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Jake Rybandt Teaching Assistant jrybandt@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Brionna Miles Teaching Assistant bmiles@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Casandra Fulwood Teaching Assistant / Bus Driver cfulwood@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Sapana Patel Tutor spatel@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Sabrina Jenkins Bus Driver sjenkins@achievementcharteracademy.org
    Craig Moore Bus Driver cmoore@achievementcharteracademy.org

    Leaja Horne

    Director of Education

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    Gina Newell

    Associate Director of Education

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    Robin Floyd

    Kindergarten Teacher

    Emily Bradley

    K/1 Teacher

    Geena Williams

    1st & 2nd Grade Teacher

    India Sawyer

    2nd & 3rd Grade Teacher

    Rebecca McKinnon

    3rd & 4th Grade Teacher

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    Megan Davis

    3rd & 4th Grade Teacher

    Beverly Oesch

    4th & 5th Grade Teacher

    Christina Laughlin

    EC Coordinator

    Dan Strain

    Science Teacher

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    Jake Rybandt

    Health/P.E. Teacher

    Patrick Doty

    Health & School Culture Coordinator and P.E. Teacher

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    Sharon Ray

    Art Teacher/Floating TA

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    Office Staff

    Robin Rosa

    Admin Assistant

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    Heather Ratteree

    Data Manager/Administrative Assistant

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    Tracy Dent

    Office Manager

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    Teaching Assistants

    Olga Ortiz-Rodriguez

    Teaching Assistant

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    Danielle Dickens

    Teaching Assistant

    Casandra Fulwood

    Teaching Assistant/Bus Driver

    Jenn Ennis

    Teaching Assistant

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    LeAnesha Cameron

    Teaching Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator

    Instructional Support Staff

    Sapanna Patel


    Dustin Squibb

    EC Director

    Craig Moore

    Bus Driver

    Briana Talarico

    Guidance Counselor